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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monthly Accomplishments: December 2014!

It's crazy to think tomorrow is the first day of 2015! I'm actually feeling kind of nervous and scared because I want it to stay 2014 for a few more days...even though it's impossible. I think I'm just not ready for new beginnings yet. Do you ever feel like that? But late last night (when I do most of my deep thinking), I started planning things I want to change about my life, and what I want to accomplish in 2015. It's a pretty overwhelming experience, I have to admit. Or maybe I'm just taking everything too seriously. I've read so many blog posts on other people's New Year's Resolutions and goals, I feel like I should aim that high too. Of course, I don't really have to. So I'm going to try to focus on just doing what I want and checking off the things on my list that I thought of's to another wonderful and blessed year! I can't believe it's been officially one whole year of monthly accomplishments!

Onto my last list of the year~

1. Planning a trip to Montreal and actually going! I planned to go this summer, but actually ended up going this winter break. I'm glad we went later though. I'm the type of person that loves planning for everything, but then if things don't go as planned, I get really disappointed. Luckily, another opportunity rose this year and I was able to go on the trip! It was so much fun and now I really want to plan more weekend trips and living out in hotels. Or maybe even renting out apartments in other cities...sounds like the dream at this moment.

2. Surviving November and December at school! To be honest, I feel conflicted about always mentioning school in my monthly accomplishments, since I don't want my life to be about school...but it really is. I mean, I spend most of my days at school (except now during the winter break, God Bless!) and it takes up so much time, even when I'm back at home. These months were the craziest it's ever been and I had to stay on task and by so motivated. So I'm proud that I lived through it. Whoops, I made it sound more dramatic than it actually is. 

3. Getting accepted into university! I'm still not sure which is my top university choice, because it's changed so many times this past month. I think I have a set idea now, but it's mostly between the school name and the program. I know which one would be better for me but I'm not sure about the school itself. It's complicated...and anyways, I haven't gotten accepted at either of my top choices yet. The ones that I got accepted at used to be my top choice, but I've changed my mind so I guess now I'm still waiting ;).

4. Starting to bake again! Last week I made chocolate cheesecake cupcakes again and was reminded why I used to bake so much. This break is the time I have the most time to bake, so I'm really glad I took advantage of the time. And we also made crepes with bananas and raspberries (topped off with dulce de leche) and they were so delicious, I want to make them all the time. All this baking has also made me really want to get a dorm room next year with a kitchen, because how can I survive without all that delicious food? But if I do get a room with a kitchen, I have to be committed and actually meal plan every week. I hope I'm up for it!

Monday, December 8, 2014

How To Get Fast and Easy Curls! {Automatic Curler}

The revolutionary KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful, long-lasting curls with ease (No need to be a pro, yay). There's two buttons for choosing the direction you want the curl, and two settings for temperature. The high temperature goes all the way to 420C, but I've only used the lower temperature and find it very hot already. My curls form so fast! It's so easy to use, I'm not even good at curling my hair but this gets the job done in 15 minutes (and I have super long hair!). It's pretty simple, all you have to do is put a 1 inch strand of hair in the curling rod, press the button for the curler to turn, wait 5-10 seconds and then you're done! I can't get over how simple it is!
Brand: KISS
Name: InstaWave*
Price: $59.99 (CAD)
Available at:, Target (on sale now!), Ulta and in the US or (and Walmart!) in Canada. I think this would be such a cool Christmas present for someone who loves to do their hair and create fun hairstyles!
Standard packaging with lots of information at the back!
I usually curl my hair away from my face since it's just easier for me (all about that easy life, to be honest), but this curler has a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions that literally curls your hair for you so you don't have to move anything yourself. With the Curl Dial, I'm basically following the same steps to curl as usual and only pressing a different button to alternate directions. Plus, it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes, which is pretty useful because sometimes I actually forget to turn my curler off (I get too excited when my curls turn out nice!).

I noticed there was a bit of high pitch sound when I plugged the InstaWave, but KISS said it's the sound caused by the circuit to drive the motor that spins the curler. When the curler itself spins, it's not that loud! Before I used this automatic curler, for some reason I thought the sound would be very loud and it would literally such my hair in and then spit out a curl. But the InstaWave just spins your hair for you into the curler and you pull your hair out yourself when you're done, which makes it very easy to control and see what's happening.
How to use the InstaWave (Comes with the curler!):

1. Turn the curler on and hold InstaWave vertically. The light will turn from red to blue when the curler is hot enough to use.
2. Place section of hair on the InstaWave curling rod.
3. Touch the Curl Dial either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair for you.
4. Hold for 5-10 seconds, hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves.
5. Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out
**Tip: Switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls
Then curl the other side too, of course!

I'm a rebel and sometimes hold my hair in the curler for 15 seconds instead of 10, but seriously, it makes my curls hold all day! I have easy to curl hair, but it usually doesn't last long. With the KISS InstaWave, I don't even need to use hairspray, which I find such a miracle (Is that just me though?). Oh yeah, and my hair has never gotten stuck in the curler even though I keep expecting it too since I'm pretty clumsy. The instructions say that if your hair does get stuck, just press the button to curl in the opposite direction and then pull the InstaWave down vertically to let the hair out.

After I was finished curling, my hair looked like it did in the first picture. As you can see below, I decided to mess it up a lot to make really big, messy curls. It works no matter which look you're going for!
  • Automatic curler (need I say more? ;))
  • Only two buttons for temperature and direction of curls (I don't know about you, but the less decisions I have to make, the better)
  • So easy to use!
  • All the curls look even
  • Your arms won't be sore (sometimes this happens when I use curling wand and have to be very meticulous with my curls!)
  • Get tighter curls or big bouncy waves, depending on how long you hold the curler
  • If you don't section off your hair properly, the curler might pull some of the other hair near it- so make sure you have a sectioned off strand of hair that you put into the curler!
Final Rating: 4.5/5

Have you ever tried an automatic curler? What do you think about the KISS InstaWave? Would you give it a try?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Monthly Accomplishments: November 2014

I love making these Monthly Accomplishment series because it makes me feel good about myself. Sometimes day to day it feels like you didn't do anything and nothing's changed, and then you look back and suddenly everything's changed (for the better). And those moments will have been passed but the memories remain. These lists that I make are kind of a diary to remember these things, and I can't believe it's almost been a year since I've started writing them! I'm definitely going to be reading them over on New Year's Eve, along with all the notebooks I've filled up throughout the year. And wow, the next monthly accomplishments I write will be December's...the end of 2014! Got to get to this month's accomplishments quick then~

1. Making study schedules (and actually following them)! There comes a time in everyone's life where there's just not enough time to do everything. And in my case it was all the school work and tests and just stressful times in general. Anyways, I write down the times of the day that I'm going to work on whatever task. I'm pretty specific with the time, but I don't actually follow the time that closely. I do get the work done though, and I guess that's more important. Everyone studies different, so if you have any tips, leave them in the comments! :)

2. Listening to wider variety of music! I usually listen to the same songs over and over even if they're from five years ago. Ever since I got Spotify, I've added a lot of albums to my "library" that I don't usually listen to. Spotify is like itunes except everything is free- The only catch is that you have to be connected to the internet to listen, unless you buy the full program. The free web player is perfect for me though, since I tend to listen when I'm on the computer anyways. So far, my favorite albums have been Idina Menzel's Holiday Wishes, Maroon 5's V and Zella Day's debut album.

3. Keeping up with my planner! Let's just say I got a lot more organized mentally...and I've started recording more stuff in my daily planner. I've had a planner since September and have still kept up with updating it every day. But now I write a lot more, and I can really tell a difference in how I approach things now. Updating a planner does take longer than you would expect, especially if you're a perfectionist and want everything to look pretty. There are actually countless videos on Youtube about how to organize or decorate your planner, as well as how to use it efficiently. I'm guilty of spending many, many hours watching them ;). For some reason, they're just so captivating...or maybe it's just me that's in awe of all this planning stuff. Either way, having a planner and writing down everything that you might forget is so useful, you should definitely try it out if you haven't yet! It just might change your life :).

4. Painting my nails and keeping it looking nice! This may sound really vain, but I really don't like when I paint my nails and they start chipping. I have to either remove it or paint over it and it bothers me when I don't have time to fix them up. I don't paint my nails much (definitely less than five times a least, I mean my fingernails. I paint my toenails all the time) since it takes me forever and I can't be bothered to wait around while they dry. I always do the bare minimum only: no top or bottom coat and only one coat (sometimes two if one coat is looking particularly awful). Anyways, this is very weird but it actually takes quite a bit of willpower for me to continue painting my nails, since I feel like once I decide I don't want to, I just give up all together until there's an event where it would be nice if I did my nails. I'm not saying painting my nails is a requirement, I just feel like it's a nice way to be put together. I'm not sure that makes any sense at all, but basically the whole point of this is that I'm glad I took the time to paint my nails this month :). Do you feel proud when your nails are painted? Or maybe that's just me (again).

What are your monthly accomplishments? I'd love to hear about them!

Monday, November 24, 2014

OOTN: Alice In Wonderland {Semi-Formal Dance}

{Me and my friend Connie!}
It's my first OOTN! I guess it's pretty obvious I don't usually dress up, haha. And I'm pretty sure I've never posted a picture of my hair curled on this blog before either. But get ready for more because I'm reviewing a new hair curler in two weeks! Curling my hair just makes me feel 100X more fancy because my hair is naturally pin straight and boring. Anyways, I went to Semi-Formal Dance this last week and here are some photos from the night. Me dressing up = lots of photo taking. No joke.

For some reason my eye makeup never looks dark enough. Neither does my lipstick. But it's okay because I had fun at the dance and that's all that matters, right?
Selfies in the bathroom as usual. Just kidding. About the usual part.
I tried to get a picture of my makeup, but I think it's still hard to tell, haha. And of course the clearest one had to be the one where I was making a weird face :P.
Finally, OOTN time! This after the dance, so my hair and makeup was kind of faded but hey, I still had to get a picture in front of the Alice in Wonderland themed background! That was the theme of our dance :).
I haven't been at a proper dance in so long! But they're so much fun and I wish I could go more. Sadly, there's so much stuff going on that I don't really know if I'll be posting on this blog that often. I've been really good about posting once a week, but if in the future I miss a week, I'm sorry in advance! I'll always try my best though :).

What's your go to outfit for a night out? I'd love to know! Where do you buy your dresses (Seriously, I need some places to shop)?

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Cute And Easy (Super Fast) Notebook DIY!

Let's make a cute little notebook! They can get pretty expensive, after all. Since I made my New Year's resolutions (I totally forgot about those until now, to be honest. But it's almost time for new ones!) to write in a journal every day, I've been going through notebooks like crazy! And since I need a pretty one every time (You know you do too ;)), I've been going shopping a lot. So I thought I should make a few easy DIYs to save some time and money! Don't worry, I still can't resist those cute little notebooks from Chapters, in case you're wondering. This notebook is super easy and very customizable so if you like pretty notebooks then I challenge you to make this!
Seriously, it really can't get any easier than this. Trust me. And my instructions are can't be any more simple.

  • Some old magazines
  • Scissors
  • An old notebook
  • Ruler
  • A pen
  • A glue stick (not pictured for some odd must have rolled away)
1. Look through old notebooks draw some triangles wherever the pattern looks nice. I had to use dots to measure it out, because that's much of a perfectionist I am. Just kidding, I'm only a perfectionist when it comes to making my notebooks. You really can't play around when it comes to notebooks. Also, it looks really nice if you use magazine ads too!
2. Cut out the triangles. Sadly, mine weren't completely straight and yes, that bothered me.
3. Place all your lovely triangles on your notebook. You'll have to cut the ones on the side so they don't stick out like that!
4. Glue them on your notebook.
I really don't know why I felt this was necessary to show, but yeah, pat them down so no air bubbles.
Yay, you're done giving that old notebook a remake! And it probably took only a few minutes, with things you already have around you house, right? I know, I was really impressed too  ;)

Do you love collecting notebooks too? Have any favourite DIYs? I'd love to know!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser Review

I'm back with another set beauty product reviews! I haven't done one in forever even though I really enjoy writing them, but I have a few exciting ones planned for my blog :). I feel like reviewing products makes you get into this mindset where you're constantly forming opinion about all the products you use, thinking about all the pros and cons. At least, that's what it's like for me, even if I don't end up posting all the reviews I think of. Anyway, this review is for my number one go-to face cleanser: the Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser! Wow, that was a lot of "c"s ;).
Brand: Aveeno
Name: Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser
Price: $9.99 (CAD)
Bought at: Walmart

This is the cleanser I pretty much always try to buy because it works so well for me. It has Aveeno's special "Total Soy Complex", which is their way of saying they use soybeans to help even out the skin tone and texture, to make skin brighter. I'm not sure if it evens my skin tone since I don't think my skin was uneven before, but my face does look brighter. It also has tiny little beads to gently exfoliate! I find it so useful because then I don't need  to use a separate scrub, which I tend to forget to do anyways. The beads aren't really noticeable on the skin, but you can definitely see them.

Plus, the salicylic acid also helps clear up the skin. This cleanser basically does a bit of everything, so it's perfect for if you want a good basic cleanser. If you want an acne fighting cleanser, or a deeply exfoliating one, then this is probably not for you. But I find that if I'm really needing either of those, I'll just some sort of face mask or scrub and it usually turns out fine.

By the way, I have pretty sensitive skin and tend to use products that are specifically made for sensitive skin, but this didn't bother me at all. And there's no scent, which is also good :). This cream cleanser doesn't foam up but they have another version of this exact one that comes with a pump that does! Maybe I'll try that next time? ;)

  • Great price and it lasts for a long time
  • Small beads for daily exfoliating so you don't need a separate scrub
  • No weird scents
  • Brightens the skin!
  • Great basic cleanser that feels light on the skin
  • Contains salicylic acid


  • Doesn't do anything about pimples or blackheads

Would I repurchase? Yes! I already have multiple times.
Final Rating: 4.5/5

What do you think about Aveeno? Have you ever tried any of their skincare?

Monday, November 3, 2014

OOTD: Last Bit of Sunlight

It's November and I'm wearing a T-shirt and skirt? No, don't worry, I'm not that crazy. This was actually taken a few weeks ago when the weather was nice and I was still willing to walk outside. Now, it's much too cold. I mean, I will if I have to, but you know what I mean. It was supposed to snow this Halloween and at first I was like, haha, no it can't possibly...but then it did! And the next day the ground was covered in white! We had some intense snow action already, and I didn't even start wearing my fall boots yet. I think I'll have to go straight to my thick winter boots. This outfit is basically the biggest contrast to what I'm wearing now, needless to say. But I really like where I decided to take these outfit pictures. I'm not sure it'll look this nice the next time I go :P.

My burgundy skirt matches perfectly with the little roses on my shirt, so I always feel like these two pieces were meant to go with one another. Do you ever feel that way about your clothes sometimes? I also wore sandals (!) and some bead bracelets. Fun fact, I purchased those bracelets from a prom/wedding dress store. I don't remember why I went in, maybe because I wanted to feel fancy ;).

How's the weather where you are? Is it only winter outfits now? ;)