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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's In My Beach Bag?

Today is my first day back at school! And it's already super busy and to combat that I thought I'd show you my favourite beach bag items! On some days it's still hot enough to go to the beach, so hopefully this is still relevant where you live ;). If not, I hope you enjoy taking a peek at what's in my bag!
I use a waterproof tote bag that has a closure similar to one on sleeping on the outside it looks like a casual tote bag but the inside actually has something to keep the stuff from falling out :). Plus, there's cute ice cream and cupcake prints all around, perfect for beach vibes.
Here's what I keep in my beach bag:
  • Wallet
  • Vlogging camera (to take pictures and even video! Sadly my vlog from this day didn't work out)
  • Water Bottle
  • Healthy Snacks (I try to bring healthy snacks when I go out because if I'm hungry then I'll have to eat them :P)
  • Cardigan (If I'm planning on staying out the whole day, I bring a sweater because it gets chilly at night!)
  • Face and body sunscreen
  • Lotion
  • Deodorant (I'm actually not sure why I brought this but I guess if I decided to dry off at the beach, I could reapply ;))
  • Sunglasses! (There are my current favourites, you've probably seen them a lot already)
  • EOS lip balm (It's my go-to)
  • A book to read! (At this time I've already finished reading Eleanor and Park, but this is what I was reading at the time)
And that's it! I don't think I bring a lot to the beach, since all I do it chill on the sand and swim. I don't really read that much at the beach, but I usually always carry a book with me anyways. And now looking at these photos I really wish I was back at the beach!

What are your beach essentials? Do you go often?

Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Keep a Journal! #TeenBlogSeries

Welcome back to another post for the Teen Blog Series! If you're doing the series too, then you are probably very confused as to why I have a photo of some journals above. Well, to be honest, I don't ever wear foundation or do my brows (I might in the future though, don't worry) so there's no point for me to post a foundation/brows routine like the series planned! So I asked Anouska if it was alright if I wrote about something else, and she kindly agreed! And guess what? I'm going to show you my tips to keep a consistent journaling routine! If such a thing even exists...but I guess it's been working because I've written in my journal every single day since this year's January first. It was my new year's resolution to write in my journal every day because I love writing and want to practice so much. Plus, keeping a journal can help you keep track of everyday small things and help you look back on precious memories! The first thing I have to explain is that my journal consists of half a to-do list type calender (the Bullet Journal part), and half an actual "diary" type entries part. So it's my everything journal, which makes things so much easier for me :). Now, on to the tips!

1. Keep the journal where you can see it every day. If you don't see it, it's very easy to forget!

2. Set a minimum amount of time you have to write in it every day. Start with 1 minute if you don't think you can write that much, but don't worry, once you start and get the flow, you'll write a lot more than you thought! I usually write about 15-20 minutes at a time, and seriously, the time passes by way too fast.

3. Find a system of journaling that works for you! I used to watch a lot of journaling videos on youtube, and even though I admired them, they didn't really work for me and I would stop using them after a while. That is, until I discovered the Bullet Journal! It's such a fast and easy way to document everything, if you haven't heard of it, you should definitely check out the video. I used it to track my homework and daily tasks...sometimes even when I use a hair or face mask! I always forget when I've last used a face mask, so I might as well write it down, right? And another thing I like to do is write in cursive- I like the way it looks and I can write so much faster :).

4. Think about your content before you start your journal. Do you want to write about events that happen to you, or just some thoughts you had throughout the day? There are so many different types of journals, like fitness journals, dream journals, meal planning have to know what you want to write beforehand. That way, you won't be sitting in front of your blank page and being like, "What on earth should I write about today?".

5. Find a specific time of the day when you want to write. Like all habits, it starts when you actually consistently sit down and write. A really good tip I found is to choose a time in relation to something else you know you will do. If you simply say, "I want to write in my journal at 6:00", you might accidently miss that time. I know if it were me, I'd be like "Well, I guess I don't have to write in it anymore". But if you choose a time like "Before I shower", then it's harder to miss, since you will go take a shower and you'll remember what you have to do before!
6. Use different colours and make it pretty! Because what is more inspirational than have a journal that is visibly pleasing? I use four different colours and whenever I open my journal, it gives off a cheery and bright feeling. Try to use nice handwriting too, it will make you want to continue the journal even more!

7. Buy a cute journal! Come on, we all know you can't resist a cute journal. Well, just say to yourself, if you actually write in your journal consistently, then there's no reason to feel guilty of hoarding all those adorable notebooks, right? Okay, but maybe you shouldn't buy that many just yet. ;)

I hoped you guys liked reading about my tips! This post is different than anything I've ever written so let me know what you think of it! :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monthly Accomplishments: August 2014

Wow, August is officially over! Okay, it is technically by tomorrow, since I always write my monthly accomplishments on the last day of the month and not when the month is actually over, but you know what I mean! August is always the month I dread- it means the end of summer :(. But I think this month was pretty great, I got a lot of things gone that I have always had on my to do list...some things are just small tasks, like watching a certain movie...and yes I consider that a task. Not as in it's a hassle, but because I feel accomplished after I finish watching movies on my to watch list! There were actually a lot of classic comedies that everyone but me has watched, so I decided to get on it this month. Some particular ones that stood out are Legally Blonde and 27 Dresses, which are both such cute movies (even though they're totally not realistic :P). They're movies that make you feel like you had a good time :). Even though I accomplished a lot of things in August though, I kind of feel like I didn't make good use of my time because there were some days where I would read a lot (my favourite), and then there were others where I watched youtube videos all day (unfortunately today is one of them). Those are the ones I kind of regret doing, but then I think to myself, if I'm going to watch youtube videos, I might as well do it in the summer when I don't have any homework, right? Wait, what kind of reason is this? Haha, yeah, not sure what I'm thinking sometimes. But anyways, it's time to get a planner, I think. I've always had an agenda for school but I think now I'm going to use an actual planner...Who knows, I'll probably make a DIY one :).

Onto the monthly accomplishments!

Finished reading the first four Game of Thrones series (and watched all four seasons)! Okay, I have to admit this was the most exciting thing for me, even though it probably shouldn't be ;). But I literally just finished the fourth book yesterday and it was such a moment of happiness! Mostly because I knew if I read it during school it would take a lot more time since I can't read that much at once. I was so glad I finished it this month...and it kind of ended on a cliffhanger, so I want to read the fifth book too! I was planning on reading it next year after the fifth season is out (AKA next summer) but now I really want to know what happens next!

Worked on my Summer reading list and Summer bucket list! I'm actually done reading 8 of the 10 books on my list, and I read a lot more that aren't on that list too. I think I read about 20 books this month! And the last two books I haven't read yet is because I couldn't find them at the library since they're so popular (you can probably guess which ones they are!). I'm really glad I made an actual reading list this year, usually I just mark it as To-Read on Goodreads, but writing it out keeps me more motivated to read them!
Another thing I did- Wait, no, I did 9! Nine things out of ten on my bucket list, that is! The only one I didn't do is bake a cake from scratch, but I did make cupcakes twice so I felt like I didn't need to make a cake again. But I will one day, don't you fear ;).

Cleaned my room! I really hope one of my accomplishments next month is "Kept my room clean"...I promise I'm not always a messy person, I just get into these phases sometimes where I'm not in the mood to put everything in order and stack everything on top of each other until it starts to tip over. That's what I did to the clothes in my drawers, until the point where I couldn't close my drawers anymore and it was literally a giant box with clothes thrown inside. I was in desperate need of a clean up! So I reput all the clothes into the proper drawers and managed to actually close it this time. And I also cleared my desk up, just in time for all the homework that's about to come my way!

Participate in #TeenBlogSeries! You might've seen in one of my recent posts, the title had a hashtag in it. Nope, I didn't get confused with my keyboard, I did mean to put that there. As of now, I'm part of a blogging series that's going on for teens, and it's a great way to get to know other teen bloggers. You can search up all the #TeenBlogSeries posts on Twitter, and you'll have so much new content to read! It's an accomplishment for me because it's my first time being involved in the bloggosphere like this, since there aren't a lot of bloggers where I live. And certainly not a lot of teens! I'm really hoping I can keep up with these posts (there's a new topic every week). Say tuned for a new one tomorrow! ;)

Anyways, back to what I was talking about before- Do you own a planner? What brand do you like? I'd love to hear any recommendations for if I decide to get one! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Reading

Leah's How to use your DSLR post is so helpful! I've read a few photography books before, but I love how she explains everything super concise and has pictures to show what she's taking about. That ISO tip will come in handy soon, I'm sure!

I know summer's almost over, but don't forget about these Quick summer meals from Miel Café just yet! Someone please remind me I still need to make a tuna mayo sandwich ;).

Speaking of recipes (not really), here's The recipe for Outstanding and creative productivity! Since school's starting, now is the perfect time to get into it :). We all need a little push sometimes!

You've probably heard the new Taylor Swift song by now, and it is kind of getting a lot of hate! But if you're still a big fan of her and getting tired of people making fun of you, I've got you covered- 15 things twenty something Taylor Swift Fans are tired of hearing. Just pull out one of these lines and you're good.

Things you should know even if your boss doesn't tell you- because sometimes it just gets too confusing to remember yourself.

If guy best friends acted like girl best friends...the scene at the restaurant is literally me when I ask random people to help take pictures! And the selfie one in the bathroom is so funny, I'm crying...not for real, don't worry ;).

If you're in a bad mood a lot, read this and find out what you can do about it! :)

Photos: leah talks, refinery 29, hello neverland, miel café

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favourites!

It's officially the last Friday Favourites before school starts! I'm not sure if I can continue these posts when school starts, so please leave a comment telling me if you enjoy these types of posts! I think I might start doing them biweekly, depending on how it goes. I'm starting my last year of high school, and things are about to get intense. I've heard stories, and I feel like any free time I'll have will be a miracle. Everything will be school based until I get into university! Haha but for now I'm going to try to prewrite a few posts. Or maybe I won't, because I like writing on a spot and posting it as I write...Anyways, this was a great last week of summer! Well, not that great, but I did go see Guardians of the Galaxy with my friends and it was amazing! The reviews were totally right ;) I also got to see my class schedule for the first time and it's pretty good :). Could be better, though :P.

Hope you have a super duper weekend, whether you are in school or not! ;)

Favourite Food (Another cheesecake...this time for my grandpa's birthday! We're kind of obsessed with cheesecake here, if you haven't noticed):
Favourite Snack (How cute are these fruits placed in another fruit? And since it's a heart, the cuteness is multiplied by 100 ;)):
Favourite Hairstyle (I don't know exactly what to call this, but it's basically three fishtails in one braid! It takes a while to make but looks so intricate afterwards!):
Favourite Movie (Guardians of the Galaxy- I love action movies and this one was actually very funny!):

Favourite Video (Game of Thrones Comic Con 2014- I watched this kind of late, but I only finished season 4 two weeks ago...if you're finished all the episodes you should definitely watch this!):

Photos: pinterest, pinterest, geek tyrant

Have you started school yet? Let me know how it's going! :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photo Diary: Beach, Pool and My Awesome Tan! {11.08.14}

Part two of my summer camping trip is here! Well, the beach trip, that is :). I'm just going to start right away with the little descriptions of the posts, but if you have no idea why I'm showing you these pictures, then check out Part 1 of the trip here. So I woke up this day and had to blow the candles...It was so hard to do, as you can tell by my super attractive face above (sense the sarcasm). And it got so cold too, I had to pull out my winter/fall jacket, which I guess is normal for camping outside in Canada!
Roasting your feet over the fire feels so good! But you have to be very careful, my littlest sister accidentally let her foot down and was scared of the fire the rest of the time :( Luckily she had shoes on!
Stopped by into civilization and got the new Oreo Cappiccino from Tim Hortons. It's so delicious, definitely try it out if you have the chance!
It was the second day and we went straight back to the beach :).

This gorgeous water!

This time we brought a blowout boat! It's so relaxing to just lie in there and let others push you bring some siblings if you go ;).

Notice the carefully placed sand on my legs...yeah, I don't know what I was trying to do either!
Next, we went to the swimming pool straight from the beach because, why not? I haven't swam in a pool in what feels like forever! Let's just say it took a while to get used to, mostly because I didn't have goggles and my poooor eyes!
Trying to sit at the bottom of the pool is harder than you think. And sadly I can't do a handstand or a somersault like my sisters, so no cool photos. I used to be able to do a somersault, but I guess it's been too long!
The results of a day in the sun!

I was seriously so proud of my tan! Hopefully, you can tell from this photo, but I was really pale before and now I'm not! Even after over two weeks, surprisingly. I saw my friends for the first time in forever two days ago and they said I was tan too! So it's not just my imagination like last time ;). Wow, I'm getting so excited over a tan that happened two weeks ago. Okay, I should stop before I say something embarrassing. So I guess it's bye for now! I'll be back soon with part 3!

Have you been swimming recently? Which do you prefer, the beach or the pool? For me, it's definitely the beaches!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Born Pretty Store Necklaces!

I feel like jewelry is one of those things that instantly make you more put together when you add it to your outfit. Am I right ;)? I always feel fancier when I match my outfits with a necklace, because it's at the center for us all to see! And even though I love my statement necklaces, I need to coordinate those depending on the colour and how fancy it is. So recently, I've been getting into wearing smaller, daintier necklaces that literally go with everything and look so adorable on :).

I got my necklaces from Born Pretty Store, a Hong Kong based online store that sells all things girly from jewelry to nail stuff to hair accessories. And the best part- everything is so cheap AND there's free international shipping! One of the things that annoys me about online shopping is that you have to buy a certain amount of stuff to get free shipping, but luckily this store doesn't charge it at all. My whole order was seriously less than 4 dollars...I couldn't believe it either!
I chose two necklaces, one gold, one silver so I can match it more easily with other things. The Mint Heart Necklace* is simply so adorable! It's very plain but I love the Tiffany blue colour and the small heart is very elegant and classy. And it was only $1.98!
The second necklace I chose is the Wing Designed Necklace*. I tried this one on first and wore it for days afterwards! I found the wings and crystals pretty unique, and I love the girly touch it gives to any look. This necklace was $1.99, and even though the jewelry were very cheap, they didn't feel like it! I would compare the quality to those of Forever 21, whose necklaces are $10-20. If you don't have Forever 21, then basically what I'm trying to say is they hold up very well and I wouldn't have guessed they were cheap by looking at them. They don't have that metal smell that cheap jewelry have, and none of the crystals have fallen off either. The designs are actually similar to that of Forever 21, it's just that Born Pretty Store gives way cheaper prices!

Plus, I have a 10% discount code for all my readers! Enter EIGT10 (code is also in my sidebar) at checkout for 10% off your whole purchase! :) I'll definitely be getting some more pieces soon! This one and this one are on my mind ;).

Would you try out Born Pretty Store? Or let me know if you have already ordered from them and how you like it!