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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monthly Accomplishments: September 2014!

Um, can I say just getting into the habit of school is already an accomplishment? Okay, maybe not actually, but sometimes it feels like it. And then other times I feel like I'm exaggerating about how much stress school brings. I pretty much only write about school and the weather, but heyy, that's what on my mind most of the time. Just kidding, I think of some other random stuff too ;). But lately it's been so hot for fall, and it feels like summer again. Anyways, October is officially here (tomorrow) so now everything is going to be pumpkins and leaves and cinnamon. Am I right? ;) Also, I feel like I should also mention that I've gotten obsessed with the song Black Widow by Iggy Azalea because it's not usually my taste but I've been listening to it so much recently! I wonder if I'll still like it in a few months...

Onto my accomplishments as usual~

1. Starting up yoga classes again! I used be an intense yogi (or so I thought) and I would go almost every day but then the studio I went to shut down. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this on the blog before, or maybe I didn't. My mind is running kind of blank at the moment. I've always considered myself a yoga person, because I'm not really good at any other sports or other types of exercises. And I've said in other monthly accomplishments that I've started to work out more...but going to yoga class is so different! And waay easier... I'm so glad I signed up for a new studio even though it took me so long to find a good place.

2. Making my bed every day! This sounds like such a small and useless thing, but I'm actually very proud of myself for remembering to do this everyday. It's not the actual action that I'm proud of, but rather keeping up with the plan I had of remembering to do it every morning. But looking at my made bed is pretty satisfying too ;). I actually do make my bed usually, it's just not on a regular basis. Yeah, I don't know why I used to be that way either. It's kind of weird now that I think of it. I also made the goal of clearing my desk every night, and that wasn't as successful. Maybe it will be next month though!

3. Finishing the Across the Universe series! If you haven't read that series, I really recommend it! It's such an easy read, you'll seriously go through it super fast. I'm usually the type of person who can save books to read until I have a lot of time to read, and I can stop in between books and read others at the same time. But this trilogy was so addicting- just the plot was suspenseful enough to keep me reading more. It was very unpredictable and there were so many twists and fave. And it's teen fiction! I don't really read teen fiction anymore but this was one book(s) I could not put down. By the way, I added it as an accomplishment because I successfully balanced out reading this series while I still had other things to do, but I scheduled it so that I would have time to do both :).

4. Driving! I'm officially on the road! Okay, not really because I haven't gotten my license yet but I've been driving everywhere now so I feel more independent (again, not really because an experienced driver still has to be with me at all times). I'll get there soon though ;). And I've discovered that driving when it's really bright outside actually makes me momentarily blind. It's quite scary. I have to remember to bring sunglasses more often!

What are your monthly accomplishments? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Finally Some Autumn Fashion! #TeenBlogSeries

 One of the most exciting #TeenBlogSeries post has arrived! Well, for me at least ;). I love writing OOTD posts, and they're so fun to take pictures for. The hard part is just getting someone to help me take the pictures...I'm sure you can all relate! I would have a lot more of these if I had a personal photographer! Alas, I can only dream...(can't help but giggle at the word alas, but it works here so I decided to throw it in). It's officially autumn now! As of September 23rd, if my calender is to be trusted. I thought the first day of a new season usually starts on the 21st or the 22nd? Am I going crazy? Anyways, it's surprisingly still quite warm here in Canada, and I can get away with no jacket. Well, actually I still wear one in the mornings because I'm a wimp and scared of the cold ;).

I wore my typical outfit- jeans and a shirt + a scarf! I'm so excited it's the perfect time to wear scarves now! But I've had a few chemistry lab experiments in class recently so I couldn't wear one yet :P. The time will come soon though ;).

On a sidenote, I don't use the word autumn too often so it feels weird typing it out. I use "fall" instead, but I guess that can be kind of confusing here. Which word do you guys prefer?

And here's a bonus photo of a blooper- Pointing at the bugs in my way, as usual. Happens every time I go out for OOTDs :P.
Are you enjoying autumn so far? What's your go-to fall outfit? I'd love to know!

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Skincare Routine! #TeenBlogSeries

It's Monday so it's time for another #TeenBlogSeries post! They've actually become my favourite posts to write, because I'm curious to see what other people will write on the same topic! And this week's especially, which is all about skincare routines! I used to watch so many of these on Youtube, but then I discovered other bloggers also blogged about their skincare of course I switched over to reading more blogs ;). Personally, my skincare routine has always been the same, but I guess that means it's a good one, right?
Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser
I've used this cleanser for forever! I rarely switch cleansers after I found this one...I used to use the Clearasil Gentle Skin Cleanser because it was recommended in a lot of magazines. But one day I started using the Aveeno cream cleanser, and it made my skin feel so much better! I prefer the creamier textures, and this one also has little exfoliating beads. And it has salicylic acid to help little pimples. ;)

The Face Shop Chia Seed Water 100 Face Cream
Long name for a face cream, but that's okay because it does exactly what it says! It's super light on the skin yet it's still very moisturizing. I love this face cream :). Plus, it smells so good!
The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
When I reviewed this product last month, a lot of people agreed with me that it really is the best body butter! I use it in the summer mostly, but it would be so useful for the winter dry weather too. This tub has lasted me for so long, I have yet to try another scent!

Bath & Body Works Hand Cream
I don't specifically use the Vanilla Bean Noel one, I just like Bath & Body Works hand creams in general. They make your hands so soft, and seriously, every time you open the bottle, the delicious smell fills the room until everyone looks around wondering where the magnificent scent came from. I love the little squeezy tube, and they always have sales where you can get a few for a really good price, so of course I have quite a few :).
Face Masks
I don't really have any particular face masks that I use in particular, but these two clay ones are my current favourites! I like clay masks more because you can feel them shrinking your pores...and it's always funny waiting until the end and not being able to move your face anymore since the clay hardens on your face. I still get amused every time. Is that just me? I also really like the face masks that you have to peel off you face instead of washing it off. It doesn't take much to entertain me ;)

What's your skincare routine must have? Any products I should add to my routine?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Jewellery Ever After- Alice in Wonderland Necklace!

As usual, I've been obsessing over necklaces...I just can't seem to get enough! This is my first time getting a handmade necklace, and this one was just way too unique to past up sharing with you! I've never had anything like this...can you tell how excited I am? I got the Alice in Wonderland themed necklace* from Jewellery Ever After and could not be happier with how it turned out :).
The necklace came in a well packaged envelope and it even included a jewelry bag, which I thought was a cute touch. The bottle part is glass and the lid is of course,'s basically a miniature version of the potion from Alice in Wonderland! Every time I wear this necklace I feel so magical. ;) The quality of the necklace was so much better than I thought. It's under $10 CAN, but when I first tried on the necklace, I noticed that the chain was a little heavier than the typical costume jewelry, meaning it actually has some substance and will hold up very well. Plus, the large loop that connects the little bottle to the chain is very secure too- I know I won't have any problems with it breaking :).
Of course, since the necklace is silver (and clear), it goes with everything! I'm sure there's a better outfit that pairs better than the one I'm wearing here, but I wanted to show it with my typical style to show how versatile it is.
And the best part- you can actually open the bottle up and put small stuff inside! I'm thinking adding some glitter would be really fun...

I just looked on Jewellery Ever After's page, and now they have jewelry inspired by Frozen too! They also have lots from The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel...and even Harry Potter, if that's more your thing. Here are their links if you're interested:


P.S: They usually have giveaways on their Twitter and Instagram, wish I found out about that earlier!

P.P.S: If you were confused about my different spelling of the word "jewelry", it's because we spell it differently here in Canada compared to the UK! Sorry about that.

Do you like themed jewelry? What kinds of jewelry would you like to see?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Healthy Food Recipe: Banana Oats Muffins! #TeenBlogSeries

This week's #TeenBlogSeries is to share a recipe that everyone can make super easy and quick! I chose a muffin one since I've been loving how convenient they are to take anywhere, and this one is super healthy. Well, actually, I'm not sure how healthy it is, but it contains oats and fruits, so it's got to be somewhere up there on the level, right?
My go-to healthy food recipe is... the banana oats muffins! I thought I'd share a snacks one, because they're kind of my expertise (see here for proof). And who doesn't make time for snacks?

Now, on to the recipe~

Healthy Banana Oats Muffins

You will need:

  • 1 3/4 cup white flour
  • 1 1/4 cup rolled oats (any kind of oats will work)
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/3 cup white sugar
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 very ripe bananas (the riper, the better)
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract

It's very simple- take three bowls, mash the bananas with the milk and vanilla together. Then mix the dry ingredients in the second bowl and the wet ingredients in the third bowl. I always mix wet and dry ingredients separately when there is baking soda involved, because mixing them together too early can mess up the ability of the muffins to rise! And of course you want that moist goodness. Anyways, mix all the ingredients together and pour into baking cups. Bake in the oven at 375F for 22 minutes. I ended up having enough to make 18 muffins.
These muffins are so moist and soft, I love them! I actually like them more than vanilla or chocolate cupcakes that have icing, because sometimes you just don't want anything too sweet, you know? This recipe is perfect for those times you want to feel at least a little healthy! ;)

I would love to know...what are you go-to healthy snacks? Do you like to make muffins too?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Photo Diary: CNE Part 1! {18.08.14}

Another Photo Diary? Yup, but it's from the summer break! Don't worry, I'm still studying hard for school and I basically haven't gone anywhere interesting...but I did have some photos saved from the day I went to the Canadian National Exhibition! If you're Canadian, you probably know what that is, but if not, it's the world's largest traveling amusement park! Every summer, they come to Toronto and set up lots of booths, games and most importantly- the rides! Just kidding, that's not the important part, they also brought entire washroom buildings/trailers that are very nice compared to the ever dreaded portable toilets (you know the ones I'm talking about!). Kidding again...the most important part was all the super fun stuff they brought! And everything's so colourful too, makes me so happy to look at all those booths!
Starting off the day by consulting my map! I have to say, after all the map reading I've done while exploring new places this summer, I'm practically a map reading expert by now ;).

Even the rides are so pretty to look at! A rainbow feris wheel? Of course I have to go on it :).

I actually decided to vlog for the first time in forever, but I didn't get a complete day's worth of footage. Just random clips of me screaming on rides!

Me the whole day- running to the next ride!
I wish I remembered what I was pointing at...

This the scariest ride I have ever seen. Well, at least, the scariest one I have seen in a long time. It's two sets of seats, one at each end of the "arms" and the arms spin up and down to form a full circle. The seats themselves are rotating too. But the scariest part is when you are at the top and the bottom people haven't come yet (because everyone is too scared to go on), you are literally hanging upside down up high in the air until someone decides to come! I can't imagine ever going through such a frightening experience! And yes, in real life, it is a lot taller than it looks here.
My favourite not scary ride- the swings! They're so much better than the playground ones because you don't have to swing yourself.
Can you see me here? Hint: The bright blue should be easy to spot ;).

I was too scared to go on this one but does anyone recognize this ride? It's the one from Diary of The Wimpy Kid (the book)! I didn't know it existed in real life! Or maybe I just don't go out a lot.

Sadly, the lines of the rainbow feris wheel were too long, so we went on some other ones instead :).

That's it for now! I cleverly ended the photo diary with a photo of us running away, but don't worry- I'll back soon with part two of the day! ;) There were just too many fun stuff to pass up!

Have you been to the amusement park this summer? What are your favourite rides?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OOTD: Pink Roses!

It looks so summer-y in this photo, I just realized. And summer-y things make me happy! This is actually one of my favourite outfits even though it is so simple. I'm just wearing a t-shirt with pink roses and stretchy pink shorts. I guess that you could say anything with pink is an appealing colour scheme for me ;). I also wore flats for the first time in forever! I don't typically wear them because my feet get very sweaty super fast (TMI? Whoops!) so I have to wear socks specifically for flats. But the problem is the socks are so small, they're so easy to lose! So it was a bit of a accomplishments that I found some and took out my flats for the day :).

I'm wearing my favourite sunglasses too! I think that's why I'm smiling so much in these photos. Wearing what I love always brightens my day :).

The necklace was a gift from my friend and it is the perfect girly necklace! Bows made out of pearls? Yes, please! ;)

By the way, I've decided to stop making Friday Favourites and Weekend Reading posts. School is just too much for me this year :(. I'm still debating on whether to continue my Saturday Weekend Reading posts, but it's too hard for me to keep up with my weekly favourites to take pictures every week. Plus, my life mainly involves school now and there's nothing really interesting about that! I might do them once in a while, but not every week anymore. As for Weekend Reading posts, I'm thinking of doing them biweekly or maybe a monthly round up? Do you enjoy those posts?

Random question- do you read your blog feed in the morning or in the afternoon? Is there specific time of the day you like to read blogs? And do you want to keep seeing Friday Favourites and Weekend Reading posts?